Fun Sticks, Shit Sli…? 

Hate is a strong word, or so they say whoever they are, okay so I’ve not told you about how I used to be an avid Yogi

No, cool that gives me something to write about. 

A couple of years ago I was obsessed with running and to make a long story short I got injured a few times and turned to yoga for fitness and endorphins. 

That’s a story for another day, the running part at least. 

About 3 or 4 years ago yoga was my thang that and just body weight training, that was it. Since then I’ve used stones, kettlebells, sleds, tires, barbells, people, ropes and bits of oddly shaped concrete for my training. 

Everytime in my training that I’ve made incredible progress has been when I’m having the most fun. When I’m NOT hating what I’m doing. When I am deeply loving the process of training. 

My life and as a smaller part, training, hasn’t always been fun. Now it is and because I make things FUN, I do them consistently. 

When I first got into running 🏃 I did so because I loved it. Then yoga I fell in love with that and now I’m in love with the barbell. 

And I’ve continued to make great progress despite changing methods many times over the years. 

How is this possible? 

I consistently have fun. 

When something is enjoyable we repeat that behaviour. It’s how we build habits. 

Think for a moment about the habits you wish to change in your life. Despite the fact that some of these habits may take you further away from your goal they ‘feel’ good from a chemical point at the very least. 

This next example may be a little too sexual for you but…. 

No one has to motivate you to have sex, or to ‘self release’, do they? 

My point? Aside from procreation being essential for the survival of the human race it is a habit BECAUSE it feels GREAT 👍 

While training is not quite in the same level as an orgasm it’s on the same scale, a sliding scale at that. 

Things that feel great get repeated, why? Because we evolved that way, why did we evolve that way? I don’t know but I’ve got a theory, I might share that later but for now let’s stay in this topic, kinda lols. 

For the past few months I’ve consistently written down in my to do list that I want to do yoga. 

And I’ve consistently NOT done it. 


It no longer gives me the enjoyment it used to, now I’d much rather put on some music and beat myself to muscular pulp with a rumble roller. I enjoy that more so I do that more often. 

Consistently is often totted as the most important aspect of training and for good reason, if you aren’t consistently doing the work then you aren’t going to get great results. 

And you’re probably not sticking to that plan because you really don’t enjoy it. The plan may stress you out, make you feel useless or any other shitty feeling. When you are stressed about something you can’t perform at your best, you cannot do as well as you could and because you feel shit your cortisol levels go up (not necessarily a bad thing, but too much of this ain’t a good thing) when the cortisol goes up, it takes you longer to recover and will damage your cells and generally mess with your body. 


When you enjoy training? You do it consistently, you recover quicker and as a result you get better results. 

So, next time your thinking of getting in shape or if you’re trying to get in better shape remember this little phrase; 

Fun sticks, shit slides. 

In other words? Do fun stuff and you’re more likely to stick to it, do not so fun stuff and you stop doing it. 

Fun sticks, shit slides. 

Stay Strong 🙂 

Jase ❤



We’ve all heard that word, I think? 

Yeas I’ll take it that you have, a lot of people think that it’s THE key thing that determines whether they will succeed or fail at the thing they are trying to do 🙂 

Sound familiar? 

I bet it does, how do I know? Because that’s how I used to think. I read a really good book a few years ago called ‘Willpower- by Roy F Baumister and John Tierney’ 
It was really good at explaining some of the concepts that now underpin my understanding of da brain 🙂 if you’d like to develop a better understanding of the brain and why people do what they do, then that book is great 🙂 

Right now my point lol 🙂 

Today and the past few days I’ve felt a little ‘heady’ / ‘overwhelmed’ yeah I get it too we all do, even the people who teach others to deal with there problems still struggle from time to time with those exact problems. 


Despite the fact that my ‘thing’ is teaching people how to prepare themselves for the rigours of Obstacle Course Racing (I’m making that my thing now) despite that? 

I still struggle sometimes, I still think about training from time to time and think, fuck this I just want to chill…


I’ve developed the habit of doing the things that are uncomfortable 😣 so it’s a little easier for me to train than for others, because I’ve been doing it for years and I’m used to the talk in my head of ‘oh you should just rest today’ or ‘just have that cookie’. 

And sometimes I DO but the majority of the time I don’t do that, the majority of the time I stick to my plan and do what I need to do. Not because I have exceptional ‘willpower, determination or even discipline’ I do it because I’ve made those behaviours, habits. 

But here’s a sneaky wee trick you can use if THAT workout is something that you are dreading. 

As the Barbell Shrugged 🤷‍♀️ crew would say ‘D3&T’ meaning drop everything and train. 

Willpower is chemical and it doesn’t last long, so? Start your day with the most difficult tasks first this way you’ve done the things that are hardest, when you have the most energy. 

Conversely, I would also say that doing lots of small tasks throughout the day will help you build momentum to crush the bigger tasks later in the day. 

I’ve used both approaches and both have worked for me 🙂 

One more little thing, as much as I’ve talked about willpower and habits here I DO have a mindset that if I don’t train for more than about 36 hours I get pissed off and I’m not as fun to be around as I am if I’ve just smashed all the Exercises. 

So? As well as the two approaches I’ve listed above I’d also say that getting to know yourself is really important. If you are a professional athlete, your probably not reading this but if you are then it’s your job to do the hard work and the training sessions that are frankly ‘horrendous’. 

If you are just trying to lose a little weight and get a bit stronger then you won’t need the same mindset as someone who is competing for a pay check. 

There are differences between the pros and beginners, mindset is one of them and it’s one of the biggest. I could rabble on for a while longer but instead I’ll leave you with something that I have used and that I find pretty useful. 

Ask yourself these 2 really simple questions. 

  1. What do you want to feel as a result of the goal 🥅 you are trying to accomplish? 
  2. What would be a really fun way for you to do that? 

Every goal is the desire to feel a certain way, one of my goals? Is to complete Kokoro Camp. 

Why? Because I believe that completing that event will show me and in a way others that I can do it. I want to feel tough, probably because I’ve always been a bit of a softie. There are other reasons but ultimately I want to feel better about myself. Do I have some unresolved issues? Don’t we all…

How can I do that in a FUN way? I love to lift, I love carrying heavy backpacks, I love mountain biking and I love to chop logs. So that’s what I do to train 🙂 

If you know how you want to feel and what is a fun way to get that feeling then you may realise that there are more ways to do what you want than the exact goals you have laid out. 

Figure how you want to feel, what would be a fun way to do that and then take one small step today in that direction. 

Stay Strong. 

Jase ❤

Ps if you’re wondering why I used a picture of the dishes on the st the start of this post, it’s simple, the dishes were something I had to do today and they were something I didn’t really want to do because I find them boring. So? I did them first thing when I had the most energy, just like I said in the above post. Taking my own advice 😉 

What’s this life all about? 

I’m not here to tell you how to live, I’m here with this blog to tell some stories (real ones) and to share experiences 🙂 
Today I was having my morning coffee in this lovely little mug, I got it, guess where? Yeah Niagara Falls. 

The cool thing about that is I hadn’t originally planned to go to Niagara Falls.  A few months ago I went to Canada 🇨🇦 and it was awesome, as soon as I landed I thought to myself ‘hey wouldn’t it be awesome to go to Niagara Falls?’ At this time I was in Calgary, which is on the exact opposite side of the country from The Falls. I looked at plane tickets, busses, and hostels it was not going to be a cheap trip and I was going to be solo in a foreign city for the first time in my life, which being honest scared the shit out of me 🙂 but it was a good scared I think lol no it wasn’t I was essentially terrified, why? Well I’d never done anything like this before and for those of you who’ve never looked at a map, Canada is a BIG place. 

So I’m sitting in Calagary and I’m rationalising that it’s too expensive and it’s too far… too much, too uncertain and definitely too uncomfortable 😣

So I go to bed that night and when I wake in the morning I have a thought, I’d said to myself the day before, I can go to the Falls next time in Canada.

Only problem is I’ve had enough brushes with death to know that I might not get another chance to come back. So I put on my fuck it hat 🎩 and booked the flights and hostels. I think it came in about 700$ which was a lot at the time and still is 😉 

I’m going 🙂 

I’ve been and I’ve got the mug to prove it I’ve even got some pictures like this one where I didn’t even have to pose because I was actually happy 

My point is that if I hadn’t went I’d regret it. 

And having just turned another year older I’m reminded of the terminal case we all have, we are all going to kick it some day I just hope that when my time comes I’ve inspired some people, made good on the majority of my dreams and have as few regrets as possible. 

Some things I think might prove useful to remember? 

– everyone is usually doing the best they can do so in general be nice 🙂 

– we do live one time and so far as I’ve seen I’ve only lived to regret things I didn’t do. 

– learn about evolutionary psychology it’ll help you deal with fear which in my eyes is the biggest obstacle to living any semblance of a great life. 

– don’t take yourself to seriously you never know when your time will come so have some actual FUN 🙂 

Stay Strong 💪 

Jase 🙂 

Xbox and Gains: using the psychological tricks of video games for more consistent gains in life and in training. 


Xbox and gains? 

How are these linked? 

Well if you’ve ever played on a games console or even the likes of fruit ninja then you will have experienced some of the tricks that game designers use to make their games addictive. 

For example, online gaming? Umm it’s a msssive community of people trying to one up one another it’s a total ‘alpha’ world see any links to the fitness world yet? CrossFit leaderboards? This isn’t a stab at CrossFit or video games I enjoy playing games and I love me a good hero WOD, I want to get this clear from the start this isn’t a ‘bashing’ post. 

So how can you make use of the ‘leader board’? Simples, get one even if you train alone you can still chart your progress on a board as compared to where you were 2 months ago. If you train in a group then you could compete in team workout challenges? Team death match anyone? Same thing essentially except you’re working out as opposed to firing weapons in cyberspace. 

Okay what else do we have? 

Well if you’ve played any video games then you may have noticed that even when you do absolutely crap 💩 you still get ‘rewarded’. If you are playing campaigns then you get achievements for simply completing missions you don’t even have to do them well. Then there are weird awards like shoot 50 cars 🚗 till they explode ok not sure if that is an actual achievement in any game but I reckon it is. 

Then when you play online? Even if you have the least amount of points and lost as far as positions are concerned? You’ll still get XP (experience points) which in time contribute to you ‘unlocking’ things that were previously unavailable this is pretty much the exact same as the experience you get showing up to training for months and years on end then eventually you unlock the skill of say ‘muscle up’ (I’ve still to unlock that one). 

As you can see there are big wins, unlocking muscle ups and a new camouflage for your AK-47 and there are small wins, the XP and the feeling of superiority when you finish atop the leader board. 

What else? 

Well while there are certain things in games and in training that are always the same, one thing that seperates good games from GREAT games is story line. 

I played a lot of 1st person shooters when I was younger and still remember the moment in Modern Warfare 2 when Sheperd betrays you and kills Ghost 👻. 

Honestly I was completely overwhelmed when that happened, lieteraly shot in the gut with a .44 Magnum and then burned alive. Yeah that hurt. 

But how does that relate to you and making them gains? 

Well if you have a bunch of goals and all they are is numbers on a page then you have NO emotional connection to your goals and you don’t really have anything keeping you to those goals. 

All of the times in my life where I have taken on a big challenge and succeeded? There was a LOT of emotion involved. 

3,000 burpees in a day? First off? Fucking hell that was horrendous. Secondly I was very emotional about that challenge, I was raising money for a charity close to my heart ❤️ and there was a definite crowd of doubters saying ‘that’s impossible’ all I could think was, if I quit the doubters get to be right and everyone who said I could do it would be wrong. 

I’m occasionally a spiteful little shit and the day I did 3,000 burpees was one of those days. Think I can’t do it? Fucking watch me! 

So as you can see ^^^ there was definitely some emotional connection to my goal.

So how can you create goals that make you feel something? Well I have a few goals but honestly my mindset around goals have changed a lot lately mainly due to the coaching I have received from Tom Foxley in the realm of mindset. 

So what can I say? Don’t goal set. 

Vision set. Simply who do you want to become, when you look in the mirror and you see yourself looking back at you, what kind of person do you want to be looking back at you? Do you want to be looking at a strong man? A happy lady? A brave man? An incrediblely tough woman? 

Who do you want to be? Stretch that out? Who do you want to be 2-3 years from now? Then you can start to add some ‘goals/checkpoints’ along the way to becoming the person you want to be.’ 

Ps. This shit ^^^^ vision stuff is really, really, really powerful. 

So that’s it: Xbox and gains 3 things you can apply from video games to training. 

  1. Leaderboard-> whether that’s against your mates or your previous bests. 
  2. Wins-> counting the small and big ones, small one? You made it to training, big one? You just got your first pistol squat 🙂 
  3. Get emotional-> who do you want to become? Essentially what do you want to feel? Who do you want to become as a result of the things you are doing? Why is that important to you? 


Boom 💥 that’s how to use some of the psychological tricks from video games to take your training up a level 🙂 

Catch ya tomorrow, 

Stay Strong 

Jase 🙂 


Okay so today has a little bit to do with neuroscience like I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Today I’m going to put a (relatively) heavy barbell on my back and squat with it. 

Did I mention I do Obstacle Course Races? OCRS? No well I do and despite the fact that a lot of people think that I just run and that they should just run there are a few other things that you can do to make yourself a better OCR athlete. One of them is doing relatively heavy squats and deadlifts (I also love the overhead press but I’ll leave that for another day). The reasoning behind lifting is simple. 

Strength is the foundation of all other physical gifts, it’s the simplest trait and also rather simple to develop. When we make a muscle stronger we increase its ability to deal with stress, that’s essentially circular but I’ll assume you’re probably not looking for logical errors in my thinking. The point is we lift that heavy thing we get stronger and we can run better, up to a point. 

There is a stage where we DO reach diminishing returns, for instance taking your Deadlift from 100lbs to 150lbs could lead to you being able to recover better from your runs and actually being able to run faster, I won’t get all academic on you but a stronger muscle is a faster muscle, strength breeds speed, there’s not a single athlete out there in the world OCR athlete or not who is fast and weak. Want to get faster? Get stronger and it’ll happen. But like I said only up to a point. 

If you were then to take your deadlift from 150lbs to 200lbs you would very likely still be making great progress in your running, going much beyond 250+ lbs? You may still make progress in your running but to get your deadlift higher than 250 you’d likely need to focus on it more and more, after all the goal of strength training for athletes isn’t to turn them into powerlifters it’s to make them better at their chosen sport. 

So the point is, you want to get faster? Then it’s almost definitely going to be a GOOD thing for you to start lifting, want to know something else? If you’re stronger, then your chances of getting injured drop like a stone, sure you might still get injured but because you’re stronger you’re likely recover from it quicker than you did before had you done no strength training. 

Worried about hurting yourself lifting? Get coach, get Jim Wendlers book 5/3/1 follow through and remember, being weak is bad for your back, being strong is good for your back.

Now how does this relate to neuroscience and YOU? 

Well it’s got something to do with this really, really important thing that a lot of coaches forget, it’s called: 


The reason fun is so important is to do with your habits. Have you ever been training for a few weeks and thinking to yourself, ‘this is going really good’ then that little voice in the back of your head says something along the lines of ‘yeah but you’re not going to be able to keep this up for long, you never do’. 

I’ve had that little voice before and it fucked me up for years that was till I STOPPED trying to get more motivated snd started to develop an understanding of how the brain actually works ergo my talk earlier of neuroscience. 

I’ve learned a lot in the last few years but today I want to share something really simple with you. 

The biggest predictor of whether or not you will stick to a habit is your emotions while you are ‘performing’ that habit. 

There’s a golf ball sized bit of grey matter in your brain called the Basal Ganglia, this is the centre for habit formation, it is very close to the limbic part of your brain, which is essentially the emotional centre in your brain. So when you feel good doing something the limbic part of your brain signals the basal ganglia and is like ‘yo buddy this feels good let’s keep doing this’. 

Think about this for a second, do you need to get motivated and hyped up to do the things you enjoy, gents nobody has to keep you accountable to take part in ‘gentmens relaxation’ e.g. Masturbation. 

Sounds funny and maybe your cringing at the sexual nature of this but the reality is that’s hard wired in your brain and you do it to feel great. 


Strength training, Basal Ganglia, jerking off? 

What do all these things have to do with one another? 

Well if your an OCR athlete then you may like I used to, hate gyms and I understand you, you just want to run outside, cool, I TOTALLY get that. 

I’m not going to try and get you to go to the gym, what I’m going to do is invite you to get stronger. 

AND you don’t have to set foot in a gym to do so, you can squat and deadlift rocks. 

If this is what you’ll enjoy then this is what you should do, Because like I said above, the biggest predictor of whether or not you’ll keep something up is how you feel doing it. 

And if you want to get better then you have to do things that make you better, consistently. 

So my invitation to you is to find a way to get stronger they you REALLY enjoy. 

Here’s a little workout you can do with stones or a kettlebell. 

Find a stone that is heavy but not so heavy that you’re going to get a hernia picking it up.

Now after you’ve warmed up, I’ll do a post all about warming up tomorrow for you guys and gals. 

After you’ve warmed up you can do this: 

1A) stone deadlift (simply pick the stone up and put it back down) 5 times 

1B) then on the 5th rep keep a hold of the stone and walk with it for about 30 seconds. Keep your shoulder back and down don’t shrug your shoulders up to your ears if you have to do that your stone is to heavy. 

Repeat 1A and B twice. 

Then after the deadlifts and carries do this. 

2A) stone squat x5 (imagine your waiting in line at the shops and you want to hit the person behind you with your butt and keep your chest up.)

2B) stone push ups x5 (put your hands on the stone, keep your body in a straight line by squeezing your abs, legs and butt) then Lower yourself and raise up again, try to keep your elbows close to your body.) 

Repeat 2A and B twice more. 

When the rock gets light find a heavier one. 

Any questions? Drop a comment below 🙂 

Stay Strong

Jase 🙂 

Fired UP. 

Today I was listening to Zach Even-Esh on the chief life podcast episode 51 for those of you that are interested. 

Zach ALWAYS fires me up! 

Today I want to fire you up! 

Right now I’ve got a sweet little sweat on just hit 50 dips and 50 chin ups. My chin up bar is wobbly as shit, the dip bars are woobly, I love it. 

I just finished reading 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler and that’s fired me up too. As you can tell I’m fired up. 

For those of you who’ve not read any of my stuff before you won’t know that I love neuroscience and how it can be applied to people lives. Today not a neuroscience day, today’s a passion day, writing from my gut living life. 

An awesome resource for you guys->

Catch you guts tomorrow 🙂 

Get Stronger!