I am….

What do you tell yourself about yourself? 
Do you tell yourself that you are fat? Fit?Strong? Weak? 

Why am I even asking you this? 

That will become clearer soon. 

For the last few years I’ve told myself very specific things about who I am and what I can do in life. You may have done the same thing without even realising it. 

If you’ve told yourself that you are always going to be fat or healthy. 

Then guess what? You’ll be that way. 

Here’s how this works. 

There’s a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System R.A.S for short. 

When you say a certain thing or experience something you’re RAS lights up and takes that on board. 

Let’s go back to the ‘I am fat’ example. 

If you are someone who has said this to yourself then went on a diet can I make the assumption that you’re no longer sticking to that? 

I can and for the vast majority of people I’m right. 

Why am I right? 

Because when you go on a diet or make any effort to change yourself but you have beliefs in direct opposition to what you’re trying to do? You’ll fail. 

If you try to lose weight with the belief of ‘I am fat’ you are destined to eat the cookies. 

How do I know? 

Ummmm, well I’ve been through very similar experiences except mine was that I had a very distorted body image I was 5’11 I weighed 9 stone and I thought I was fat. 



Here’s the deal. 

We always act as if what we believe is the truth. 

If we believe that we are fat, we do things that fat people would do. We overeat. Don’t exercise etc. 

Conversely if we believe that we are fit and healthy we act that way because that’s what we believe. 

One issue I see a lot is people trying to change their actions to change themselves. 

It’s common sense that if you want to change your results then you have to change your actions. 

The problem with that is that actions aren’t the first part of the process. Beliefs are. 

When you believe a certain thing you then feel a certain way and think a certain way. It’s when you start to think differently you start to act differently. 

If you still have the same beliefs when you’re trying to change, then you’ll have the same thoughts and the same feelings. Which will lead to the same results the you’ve been trying to change. 


To change your results? You have to change your actions. To change your actions you have to change you’re thoughts and feelings and to change your thoughts and feelings you have to change your beliefs. 

To change those beliefs? 

Gotta change the language you are using within your heid! 

That’s head for the non Scottish folk reading this 🙂 (I may talk about neuroscience frequently but I still love black pudding 🙂 

So as opposed to saying ‘I am fat’ look at yourself in the fucking mirror she say ‘I am healthy, I am fit, I am strong’. 

Change your language. Changes your beliefs. Changes your feelings, your actions, your results and your life. 

In the end? 

It’s up to you 😉 

Courage, Joy and Love ❤️ 

Jase 🙂 


Author: Jason "Wrecker" Woods

Dedicated to development.

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