Who I am becoming???

There are times when everything just happens. 

When life doesn’t give you 8 hours sleep 😴 

When you are pushed to the very brink of what you believe you are capable of. 

It’s in these times that it helps for you to have some self-awareness. 
To know who you are and who you want to be. 

Today I was in town and before I came back I stopped by at the cinema to see what was on, I was looking at movies and I thought to myself I’d love to go see a movie. 

Although I have to squat. 

I have to go home, put my shoes on, walk to the gym, then put the bar on my back and move it up and down. 

That’s all. 

How was I able to put aside the momentary discomfort to go do what I know I needed to do? 

Here’s how. 

I know who I want to be, I have a vision in my head of the person 👩‍💻 that I want to be. 

I’ll go deeper into this subject tomorrow but right now my brain is uncooperative so not happening right now 😉 see you tomorrow 🙂 

Courage, Joy and Love ❤️ 

Jase 🙂 


Author: Jason "Wrecker" Woods

Dedicated to development.

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