What are you here for? 

Sunday, who does anything on a Sunday? 
I know! Those who have dreams, well actually not dreams because dreams are rarely if ever acted upon, but goals, intentions? 

These are things that can be reached. 

I read a short line in a book not too long ago and it went like this: 

‘Is that a dream or a goal? Because if it’s a goal then we need to make a plan but if not, don’t waste my time with ‘dreams’

Dreams are great, but isn’t it greater to actually accomplish something, to get to 96 be in your rocking chair and be able to look back and think, “I did some cool shit”. 

I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ about you but I LIVE for the feelings of doing stuff and experiencing all the incredible experiences that there are to take part in. 

One of the things I love to do is challenge myself, well in truth, it’s actually OBSCENELY uncomfortable to challenge myself, there are some super simple to understand concepts that govern the way be think and make decisions but I’ll spare you the neuroscience for today. 

I’ve had a fair few conversations with people where my ‘hobby’ / obsession call it what you will, comes up. That hobby being ultra endurance events. 

They often look at me with eyes that say something like ‘umm okay, what ever floats your boat’. 

I then look at them with eyes that say ‘well, NO, these events don’t bring me happiness per say, they being unrelenting discomfort and to be honest I’m just relieved 😌 when I finish’. 

If I don’t enjoy them why the fuck do I do them? 

Because they make me better 😉 

They make me better at dealing with challenges and the tasks of daily life. They make me a better ME. 

And I believe that’s it’s our purpose to evolve, not just every few millennia but everyday. 

I’m here to get better and here to inspire those around me to get better. 

What are you here to do? 

Courage, Joy and Love. 

Jase ❤


Author: Jason "Wrecker" Woods

Dedicated to development.

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