I’m not here to tell you want to do, I’m here to share some stories 🙂 

Today I’ll give you one of those, so like a lot of people I’d like better for myself and my close loved ones. 

I also believe that I can make better happen 🙂 

It’s a scarily slow process at times. 

I remember when I used to play a lot of Xbox I would frequently have to update my console. 

When I did this a grey bar would show up on the screen this was pre Xbox One this was the original 360!!! 

I loved that thing, I remember watching the progress bar going from grey to green I always thought it looked like a lightsaber but I kept that to myself, till now our little secret. 

That progress bar is very much a metaphor for going through life. 

There are times when we are working through things to get to more desirable situations and inevitably challenges crop up. 

But if you can keep your chin above water during those times when the chips are down? When the odds aren’t in your favour? 

If you can do that you can get to better, because better is usually a case of doing a few small things consistently. 

Put simply and in as unsexily a way as I can say it: 

I think the magic is in the process and the progress. 

Courage, Joy and Love ❤️ 

Jase 😉 


I am….

What do you tell yourself about yourself? 
Do you tell yourself that you are fat? Fit?Strong? Weak? 

Why am I even asking you this? 

That will become clearer soon. 

For the last few years I’ve told myself very specific things about who I am and what I can do in life. You may have done the same thing without even realising it. 

If you’ve told yourself that you are always going to be fat or healthy. 

Then guess what? You’ll be that way. 

Here’s how this works. 

There’s a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System R.A.S for short. 

When you say a certain thing or experience something you’re RAS lights up and takes that on board. 

Let’s go back to the ‘I am fat’ example. 

If you are someone who has said this to yourself then went on a diet can I make the assumption that you’re no longer sticking to that? 

I can and for the vast majority of people I’m right. 

Why am I right? 

Because when you go on a diet or make any effort to change yourself but you have beliefs in direct opposition to what you’re trying to do? You’ll fail. 

If you try to lose weight with the belief of ‘I am fat’ you are destined to eat the cookies. 

How do I know? 

Ummmm, well I’ve been through very similar experiences except mine was that I had a very distorted body image I was 5’11 I weighed 9 stone and I thought I was fat. 



Here’s the deal. 

We always act as if what we believe is the truth. 

If we believe that we are fat, we do things that fat people would do. We overeat. Don’t exercise etc. 

Conversely if we believe that we are fit and healthy we act that way because that’s what we believe. 

One issue I see a lot is people trying to change their actions to change themselves. 

It’s common sense that if you want to change your results then you have to change your actions. 

The problem with that is that actions aren’t the first part of the process. Beliefs are. 

When you believe a certain thing you then feel a certain way and think a certain way. It’s when you start to think differently you start to act differently. 

If you still have the same beliefs when you’re trying to change, then you’ll have the same thoughts and the same feelings. Which will lead to the same results the you’ve been trying to change. 


To change your results? You have to change your actions. To change your actions you have to change you’re thoughts and feelings and to change your thoughts and feelings you have to change your beliefs. 

To change those beliefs? 

Gotta change the language you are using within your heid! 

That’s head for the non Scottish folk reading this 🙂 (I may talk about neuroscience frequently but I still love black pudding 🙂 

So as opposed to saying ‘I am fat’ look at yourself in the fucking mirror she say ‘I am healthy, I am fit, I am strong’. 

Change your language. Changes your beliefs. Changes your feelings, your actions, your results and your life. 

In the end? 

It’s up to you 😉 

Courage, Joy and Love ❤️ 

Jase 🙂 

You’re Enough. 

I’m not going to say that everyone suffers from this but I’m going to say that a large percentage of the population does have what could be called a ‘problem’ in this area. 

I’m talking about fulfilment. It’s a word that is cheekily snuck onto recruitment posters in an effort to entice the more abstract thinkers, the ones that couldn’t stand ‘normal’ any longer than anyone else could stand in boiling water. 

But it’s an important thing to consider, yeah I know, got bills to pay, kids to feed. I know that. I’m not saying you should become a Luddite and go do yoga in the alps if that’s what floats your boat. 

What I am saying is that while life could be short, it could also be incredibly long if you hate every moment of it. 

What I’m advocating isn’t some radical change in the way you live, but it might just end up turning into that. 

What I’m thinking is that we start to try and find a little more joy in our day to day lives. I know when you’re doing something you hate that can be akin to trying to find a needle in a haystack the size of Manhattan. 

I guess I’m advocating appreciation. I’ve heard it said many times but I’ll say it again here in case you yourself haven’t heard it. 

***What we appreciate is enough***

You appreciate your children, therefore they are enough. 

You appreciate your dog, your dog is enough. 

You appreciate your food, your food was enough. 

But often we don’t appreciate ourselves and we feel that we aren’t ‘enough’ in some sense. We aren’t good enough, fit enough, happy enough, rich enough. 


It’s got to stop because it’s a lot bigger problem than I think even I realise and it’s hurting a lot of people. 

I’m not saying everyone should suddenly expand their egos tenfold. What I am saying is that we could do with appreciate ourselves more. I’ve been guilty of failing to do this for years and it’s only recently I’ve started to appreciate me. 

A lot of us think that (myself included for a time) happiness and feeling that enoughness will come after we have something. 

Like we have that car, that income, that wife, those kids, that business, that life, we live in that country. 

It’s everything apart from what’s going on right now. 

But when we stop, slow down and look around to smell the roses 🌹 and we can see what’s going on around us. We can stop for 5 minutes and realise that slowing down a little isn’t going to kill us. 

I don’t really know where this is going. I just had a thought, I know I’ve struggled with feeling ‘not so good’ and I know others have and still do struggle to get a handle on their emotions. 

So as much as you don’t need it you have my permission to slow down. To appreciate yourself, to NOT beat yourself up when you make a mistake. 

To understand that we are all working though shit and that we are all a work in progress. 

I love you guys and gals. Truly thank you if you’ve read this far. 

So today I’m inviting you to slow down and to think of what’s good about yourself and too not judge or criticise yourself. I’m inviting you to be a little happier and a little more appreciate of your flaws and your strengths 🙂 

Courage, Joy and Love ❤️ 

Jase 🌹

Look Where you are going!!!

I learned to ride a bike when I was about 5 so I’ve been ‘on two wheels’ for about 14 years as of writing and there’s something I want to share with you that has made me crash, stopped me from crashing and helped me to run an ultramarathon among other worthwhile accomplishments. 

If you look at the above picture then you will notice that my eyes are looking forward I am focused on where I want to go I’m looking down the trail to where I want to end up in a few seconds. 

I’m not looking back, I’m not looking 6 miles up the trail I’m looking at what’s right in front of me. 

I’m maintaining a deadly level of focus on what’s right in front of me. 

This way this relates to training and life in a broader sense is that so often people will tell you that they are mega committed to one thing and then you see them doing something that is completely unrelated.

I’m all for having fun, infact I think it’s one of the most important aspects of any training program. I’m also all for focus and I know what when I’m out on the trail of ok bombing down a rough section if downhill and I let my gaze slide then I’m going to fall. 

Not all tasks demand as much focus as riding a mountain bike down the side of a rough hillside at speed but what I would say is that to do better, which is all we ever can do, it is going to prove to be a massive benefit of we can focus on the task at hand as opposed to everything else. 

How can we get better at doing this? St developing focus? 

Here is one tip that I have learned and frequently come back to when I find myself getting ‘lost’ so to speak.

  • Breathe Deeply into the pit of my belly. 

That’s it, it calms me and from an biological point of view of you were to dive into the science, this while simple is one of the best ways to unfetter your mind and focus on the task at hand whether that’s a 1RM Deadlift or having a conversation with s close friend. 

The breath will bring you back to the present moment. 

Courage, Joy and Love ❤️ 

Jase 🙂 

Who I am becoming???

There are times when everything just happens. 

When life doesn’t give you 8 hours sleep 😴 

When you are pushed to the very brink of what you believe you are capable of. 

It’s in these times that it helps for you to have some self-awareness. 
To know who you are and who you want to be. 

Today I was in town and before I came back I stopped by at the cinema to see what was on, I was looking at movies and I thought to myself I’d love to go see a movie. 

Although I have to squat. 

I have to go home, put my shoes on, walk to the gym, then put the bar on my back and move it up and down. 

That’s all. 

How was I able to put aside the momentary discomfort to go do what I know I needed to do? 

Here’s how. 

I know who I want to be, I have a vision in my head of the person 👩‍💻 that I want to be. 

I’ll go deeper into this subject tomorrow but right now my brain is uncooperative so not happening right now 😉 see you tomorrow 🙂 

Courage, Joy and Love ❤️ 

Jase 🙂 

What are you here for? 

Sunday, who does anything on a Sunday? 
I know! Those who have dreams, well actually not dreams because dreams are rarely if ever acted upon, but goals, intentions? 

These are things that can be reached. 

I read a short line in a book not too long ago and it went like this: 

‘Is that a dream or a goal? Because if it’s a goal then we need to make a plan but if not, don’t waste my time with ‘dreams’

Dreams are great, but isn’t it greater to actually accomplish something, to get to 96 be in your rocking chair and be able to look back and think, “I did some cool shit”. 

I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ about you but I LIVE for the feelings of doing stuff and experiencing all the incredible experiences that there are to take part in. 

One of the things I love to do is challenge myself, well in truth, it’s actually OBSCENELY uncomfortable to challenge myself, there are some super simple to understand concepts that govern the way be think and make decisions but I’ll spare you the neuroscience for today. 

I’ve had a fair few conversations with people where my ‘hobby’ / obsession call it what you will, comes up. That hobby being ultra endurance events. 

They often look at me with eyes that say something like ‘umm okay, what ever floats your boat’. 

I then look at them with eyes that say ‘well, NO, these events don’t bring me happiness per say, they being unrelenting discomfort and to be honest I’m just relieved 😌 when I finish’. 

If I don’t enjoy them why the fuck do I do them? 

Because they make me better 😉 

They make me better at dealing with challenges and the tasks of daily life. They make me a better ME. 

And I believe that’s it’s our purpose to evolve, not just every few millennia but everyday. 

I’m here to get better and here to inspire those around me to get better. 

What are you here to do? 

Courage, Joy and Love. 

Jase ❤

I’m here for ya ;) 

Sometimes when I look around I can start to feel a little overwhelmed, I start to feel a shadow creep into my life.
These last 2 years I have had a good grip on life but I wasn’t always like this. For every year prior to 2015 I can remember having a general sense of malaise, not sickness but a base state of anxiety. 

Every now and then I have glimpses back to that version of myself and being entirely honest with you I’m tearing up writing this, I tear up everytime I write about this stuff because I am so happy to have finally move on with my life I am so happy to be happy and no longer feeling like I’m physically stuck in a pit of despair and suicidal thoughts.

I can now breathe a sigh of relief and be incredibly grateful for what I have become and who I am continually becoming. I’m becoming, happier, stronger, more confident and more certain of myself. 

Having lived feeling like a useless piece of flesh for years I know what it feels like to be down there and feel stuck. 

It would surprise you the amount of people who are ‘fitness professionals’ that started out just like me. Anxious. 

And by in large people want to attack their fitness because they feel that if they are ‘fitter’ then they’ll feel better about themselves. It’s true that exercise can become addictive and sometimes it can even become an UN-healthy addiction. 

So if that’s the case WTF are you supposed to do if you’re feeling like I just described? 

Well it could help to talk to someone or to write down your feelings. Those two little things, being able to talk to people and writing shit down have saved my life. 

If you’re feeling stuck like I was and from time to time still do, then I want you to know that I’m here and if you want I’m here to listen 😉 

Courage, Joy Love ❤️ 

Jase ‘knows how it feels’ Woods